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Earl Grey black tea

I hope Arbor keeps the quality of the Earl Grey they put together!! This is now our favorite EG. It appears that they use quality leaves that are mid range in length which we like. The bergemot flavor is neither too strong or weak. My husband and I like to do a second steeping which we can do with this tea.

Great Early Grey

I was looking for an Earl Grey with a pungent bergamot aroma and flavor. This tea does not disappoint. The bergamot flavor does not get lost when you add cream. I worked in a coffee shop that sold loose leaf teas and grew to love Earl Grey from trying all their quality teas. I am glad I found this here at Arbor Teas.

(P.S. They ship to Guam with reasonable shipping charges!)

Intense Flavor

I enjoy this blended with Irish Breakfast Tea. The Bergamot flavor is a little too intense when brewed alone. I wouldn't be without this tea, though!

I Love Earl Grey

Many of the Earl Greys you buy at the store, even if organic or fair trade, lack flavor and end up being just another tea. This one has good bergamot flavor without it tasting artificial or overwhelming. My favorite treat with Sunday brunch after church or during the week if I want a little pick-me-up.

A great classic Earl Grey

Of all the types of teas I've tried so far, Earl Grey is generally my favorite kind. Depending on where you get it from, the flavor can vary fairly substantially; but when I think of the pure Earl Grey flavor, I think of this kind. It's got everything you want in an Earl Grey - the bergamot flavor is just the right strength, not overpowering but definitely appreciable, and it even survives a resteep or two. My favorite version of my favorite kind of tea!

Best Earl Grey

If you are looking for a fragrant cup of Earl Grey, try this one! Compared with other brands, this is the best cup I have had! I like it with some cream or coconut milk (the beverage, not the kind for cooking), and sometimes with a splash of maple syrup.

Depth of Flavor

The Bergamot in this tea is not one note like most I have tasted. There is a subtle complexity to this earl grey that reminds me of all things fruit loops cereal in the best way possible. This may seem a strange comparison but know after trying over 7 different Earl Grays this one takes the cake!

Yummy Bergamot

I love the way bergamot smells and this tea gives off a great aroma in the bag and in the cup. It is well balanced, the bergamot is not overwhelming. I do have to be careful on the steeping time since I have made a few cups that were on the bitter side. But when it's right, it's perfect. Lingering citrus notes and a strong black tea make this one of my favorite Earl Greys.

Great Earl Grey

I got a wonderful whiff of bergamot the moment I opened the box. The tangy smell was only enhanced when I opened the pouch itself. I love that the packaging is compostable! The tea itself is smooth and aromatic. A bit of sugar really enhances the flavor for me. I can even get a couple of steepings out of it, so the value really streches.

Top Shelf Earl Grey

The dry leaf practically shines with oil of bergamot! I've never seen anything like it! The scent of the leaves hits strong but never unpleasantly so. The tea brews very well. The intoxicating scent is well balanced with the black tea behind it. I drink it black and sometimes find it a wee bit thin. But I think this would be delightful with a spot of whole milk and a scant teaspoon of sugar. I look forward to drinking this tea every Friday with my favorite pastry.

My Favorite Earl Grey

This Earl Grey has just the right amount of bergamot (natural, of course), which makes it my favorite black tea variety. The bergamot is uplifting, and never overpowering. It is a wonderful tea to start the day with.

Arbor Teas Earl Grey

This is by far my most favorite tea with chocolate! What a perfect balance of earthy black tea and citrus. Really all I want to do is breathe in it's aroma all day long - it smells fabulous.

Perfect balance

For me the secret to a great Earl Grey is the balance. This is a great blend of black tea with just the right amount of bergamot. I cannot imaging a better Earl Grey.

Earl Grey

I like an Earl Grey to have a lot of flavor. From the moment you open the bag you know it's going to be good. This tea is so wonderful! I look forward to it every morning. The fact that it is organic and fair trade certified is so great. I have found "my" Earl Grey.

Black Tea, Dilmah, Earl Grey, Ice Tea, T Series, White Tea.flv
Black Tea, Dilmah, Earl Grey, Ice Tea, T Series, White Tea.flv
Is Earl Grey Better Than Plain Black Tea? | Tea Pursuit
Is Earl Grey Better Than Plain Black Tea? | Tea Pursuit
Black Tea
Black Tea
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