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Tazo® Iced Tea

green tea

green tea

Pan firing, the Japanese method of stopping the oxidization of the tea leaf, is a 15- to 20-minute process that is done completely by hand.

When green tea is in the withering stage, it smells of fresh cut grass.

lemon verbena leaves

Lemon verbena leaves have a hint of natural sweetness that accompanies their lemony flavor.

Almost more lemony than lemon itself, lemon verbena is prized for its pungent citrusy aroma.


Spearmint is native to Europe and southwest Asia but is now found throughout the world.

A key ingredient in mint juleps, mojitos and toothpaste.


Lemongrass used for tea utilizes the top half of the plant, while lemongrass used in Asian cooking uses the bulb.

Lemongrass’ aroma is more citrusy than actual lemon.


a tea infusion of (water, organic green tea, organic lemongrass, organic spearmint, organic lemon verbena, natural flavors), organic cane sugar, citric acid

lemon verbena leaves spearmint

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