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arizonarazzIt is overtime, Rad Blog!

I found the Razzleberry Tea by Peace Tea. You know, it is kinda hard to find. Here it is, though, and we are going into overtime!

Why overtime? Well, I thought I decided the winner with the last match but I didn’t expect to find these two. Wouldn’t you know, they were basically right next to each other at this gas station. Maybe I need to stop by gas station stores more often.

Razzleberry Tea is kinda interesting. I read the little blurb about it and this is a tribute to America and fighting for rights. That’s a really hot topic here these days and I’m not getting into it or I’ll offend both sides. Anyway, I will question why Raspberry is equal to American rights. I don’t know, but the can looks kinda neat. I didn’t think raspberries were the fruit of America. I thought that was more of the apple’s job. Steven.

Anyway, the Peace Tea can is kinda cool, but I don’t get it. Maybe this was their first brand and they improved from there.

AriZona looks like the old standard. It is a lot like the classic lemon iced tea can, but red to show off raspberries. They have some raspberries at the bottom there, but they look more like strawberries to me. I don’t know. Neither can really grabs my attention. Even the art on the Peace Tea can isn’t as awesome as their other cans.

Now, I kinda just assumed Razzleberry Tea was raspberry iced tea, but no where on the label does it says “raspberry extract.” I kinda just associated the word “Razzleberry” with raspberries. I kinda took a peek at what other people thought of this drink, and they do say there’s a raspberry taste to it, so hopefully they are right. That’s what I’m going with, but I am not very enthused with the lack of raspberry labeling.

Check it out for yourself.

See! No raspberry. It could be in the “natural flavors” part, but I never know what they mean. It could be tamarind for all I know.

Here’s AriZona’s facts.


At least AriZona says there’s actual raspberry in it.

Not too much different in the ingredients. High fructose corn syrup vs sucralose. I know which one I’ll pick.

Less calories in Peace Tea. There’s no sodium in Peace Tea but there’s some in AriZona. Odd. More carbs in AriZona. More sugar too. Almost double.

Oh! No Vitamin C in this! I find that odd because there’s always that asorbic acid in their drinks. Peace Tea certainly looks healthier.

Okay. I need to get my third party to help me out again. I’m gonna label the cups “Commander” and “Shepard.” Let’s get to it!

They are ready. The third party is now opening them.

Almost there.

The third party is mad because the cans kinda “explode.” Then again, this third party hates the world more than I do, if you can believe that.

Commander smells kinda strange. It smells like cleaner actually. I don’t care for the scent. The liquid is just kinda frothy, but that goes for Sheppard as well. Actually, the raspberry scent is pretty strong in Commander. It is a bit too strong which is why I feel like it is a bit fake. Sheppard smells a lot like Commander actually. There’s less of a fake scent to it, but it is very strong. Maybe I just don’t know real raspberry.

Sip time!

Commander first.

Ah! Refreshing. The tea taste is there, but then there’s a flood of raspberry. Actually, it is a bit strong for me. The fruity taste is very apparent. Some drink companies should take note of how this is done for flavouring.

Yes it is pretty good.

Moving on to Sheppard.

Hmm! Very, very fresh tasting. The raspberry is there, but it really just compliments the tea! This is a very good version. It isn’t overwhelming! It is a very nice contrast to Commander.

Commander has a good refreshing taste, but the raspberry is a little too much for me. Sheppard is kinda weaker, but the raspberry compliments it.

I think I’m gonna go with Sheppard on this. I like the hearty taste of Commander, but flavour-wise, I’m going with Sheppard.

Peace Tea wins it!

Interesting! The one that I didn’t think would be raspberry beat out the one that actually was raspberry. If you wanna go for 100% raspberry flavour, AriZona is right for you. I suppose if you really like raspberry, you might think differently.

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DIY: ARIZONA Tea CAMERA - voll retro!
DIY: ARIZONA Tea CAMERA - voll retro!
Arizona Tea Commercial
Arizona Tea Commercial
DIY Arizona Tea Camera!
DIY Arizona Tea Camera!
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