Tea Party Birthday Ideas

Something about tea parties is delightfully girly! A tea party is a lovley theme on it's own, or for an extra dose of fun, you can make your child's birthday party a mad hatter’s tea party, a floral-themed tea party or just a pink tea party where everything at the party is pink! The tea party below went with a 'peachy with a little bit of ruffles (the cake) and a lot of lace' theme.

Note, it's best to stick to minimum party guests numbers at these sorts of around-the-table events.

Tea party theme invitations

Stick to your theme. A simple tea party invite could be dressed up by being slipped inside a doily envelope or tied up with a piece of lace.

Tea party theme costume ideas

Girls should wear something pretty and girlie - think her best pretty dress!

Tea party theme decorations

  • String a bunch of cheap lace ribbons and offcut ribbons above the table to make a gorgeous ribbon decoration. See the instructions to do something similar here.
  • Place fat cushions on the grass or floor for kids to sit on.
  • Make everything a little bit more fancy - tea bags can be turned into kiddy-style tea bags: cut off the tops of the tea bags, empty out the tea and refill with Nesquik chocolate powder, stapling at the top but leaving it open a little so the powder seeps out the top of the bag once the milk is poured. Cover the tags in pretty paper. Then fill the tea pot with milk so girls can make their own “chocolate tea”.
  • Let your cake take centre stage on the party food table and decorate it with gentle ruffled piped icing and ribbons that are tied and glued onto wooden skewers.
  • You could hang mismatched op-shop tea cups from their handles in the background, from trees or over the table.
  • Mismatched tea cups glued together also make a cool cake or treat stand.

Tea party activities and birthday party games

  • Give each child an inexpensive china tea cup and saucer from a budget store (you can get them for about $2-$3 each) and let them draw all over them with porcelain pens which you can buy from Spotlight or Lincraft. They can take them home and fire them up in the oven to make it permanent.
  • Play croquet in the garden - how very ladies lunching!

Tea party take-home party bag ideas

Fill drawstring fat-quarter bags with a tea cup and saucer, along with a little bag of mini meringues and a choc wafer straw.
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